Integration of Information Communication Technology in Journalism Practice: A Survey of Journalists in Ekiti Metropolis, Nigeria

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T. M. Obajuluwa
F. O. Talabi
A. O. Otunla
I. O. Ajisafe


The aim of this study was predicated on the need to ascertain the extent to which Nigerian Journalists, especially those in the state capital of Ekiti state; have integrated the use of information communication technology (ICT) tools in their journalism practice which includes, but not limited to; news gathering, dissemination etc. The objectives among others is to decipher the extent of use and the adoption of new information communication technologies in journalism practise. A total of thirty four (34) TV and radio  journalists were sampled with a view to ascertain their use and types ICT tools employed for the achievement of communication efficiency. Despite the perceived importance of the role of ICT in improving communication efficiency (as opined by 97% of the respondents), findings from this study revealed that the use of modern ICT tools were not fully employed for their day to day task execution. Also, only 24% of the respondents agreed to the availability and free access to internet facility in their day to day operations while 64.7% own or have personal access through their owned devices. The challenges enumerated by journalists includes lack of corporate internet access and information, technology hardware and software configurations that are crucial to journalism in new media practice. Hence, it is recommended  media proprietors should provide as part of the work environment, modern facilities to enable journalists discharge their duties in line with international best practices.

News gathering, dissemination, adoption, information, technology, journalism, communication.

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Obajuluwa, T. M., Talabi, F. O., Otunla, A. O., & Ajisafe, I. O. (2020). Integration of Information Communication Technology in Journalism Practice: A Survey of Journalists in Ekiti Metropolis, Nigeria. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 10(1), 1-7.
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